Major update on WWE Survivor Series plans (possible SPOILERS)

Following on from our previous story, where we revealed that, the Raw and SmackDown writing teams were dead-locked regarding plans for Survivor Series, we have now received information regarding how the booking of the show may play out.

Our sources have informed us that several of the matches may have finishes that will see brand members hurting their own brand in order to both protect certain talents and to set up future matches for the December PPVs. The current plan for the men’s match is to have Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens being heavily involved in costing Team SmackDown the match.

Yesterday afternoon, we exclusively reported that The Shield vs New Day would be added to the card. The current plans are for The Shield, Brock Lesnar and the Raw Women’s team to win. Originally, the Raw women’s team were set to lose, however, that result has been changed due to Asuka’s addition to the Raw team, with The Usos now defeating Cesaro and Sheamus, instead of losing to Rollins and Ambrose. The Dirty Sheets were also the first to exclusively report that the booking of Asuka on this show had been causing both creative teams a significant headache. You can read that story by clicking the link, here.