James Ellsworth and others likely gone soon

Many less reliable wrestling news sites were reporting that the WWE were going to release more talent, following the releases of Emma, Summer Rae and Darren Young.

However, The Dirty Sheets have been informed that the WWE are unlikely to pull the trigger on any further releases with so many contracts coming up for renewal. We previously reported that Dolph Ziggler had signed a contract extension with the company, but several talents whose contracts are set to expire, have yet to do the same and are unlikely to do so.

We have been informed that James Ellsworth, Mickie James, Hideo Itami and several cruiserweight talents may soon be gone from the company.

Releases and contract expirations are completely different, with a release being the WWE and a talent parting ways in the midst of a contact. The Dirty Sheets have been informed that the WWE are very keen to release the duo of Anderson and Gallows. The pair arrived with much hype and received very hefty contacts, however, the WWE are not happy with the return on their investment. The pair have around 15 months left of their deal.