Major heat on WWE UK talent

Our sources have revealed that there may be some significant heat on several of the UK talents who performed on the WWE UK house shows over the last two weeks.

The Dirty Sheets have been informed that the WWE main roster talents where very annoyed by the number of people who turned up to the WWE talent hotels, pointing the finger squarely at the UK talent on the tour for leaking the WWE rosters’ Hotel information out.

According to our sources, the UK wrestlers aided male and female friends (some of the males being fellow UK wrestlers, not booked on the tour) to get into the WWE Hotel. It was also noted that the number of fans who managed to find the WWE talent Hotels was TRIPLE the usual amount- leading to the assumption that the UK talents were responsible for leaking the info.

The WWE are now considering changing their Hotels on for future tours, which is a massive inconvenience to the company, given that they usually stay in the same Hotel every time they visit a specific town. This means the heat on the UK talent extends beyond the roster talent- with upper manager also being significantly annoyed with the UK contingent.

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