The TRUTH about Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn being sent home from the UK

We can finally reveal why Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were sent home from the UK tour. Unlike other wrestling journalists, like Dave Meltzer and Ryan Satin- who make up fake facts after an event to fill in the blanks- so that they can claim to have a scoop, we have researched the incident all weekend and have spoken to several sources, including several that attended the shows.

It appears that the initial heat was solely on Sami Zayn, who SIGNIFICANTLY deviated from the script on SmackDown. When approached about it backstage, things got significantly heated, when Zayn stated that he was trying to get himself over a heel and claimed that he was giving the company extra content due to multitude of technical problems the company were having. We can exclusively confirm that people in the arena can back this claim up and confirm that there were SEVERAL technical botches during BOTH nights of the UK TV tapings.

During this heated argument, Kevin Owens was said to be very vocal in defending Zayn. Following the row, BOTH Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn left the arena without telling anyone! This meant that Kevin Owens MISSED an advertised Fatal 5 Way dark match, featuring Baron Corbin, Bobby Roode, Dolph Ziggler, Nakamura and Kevin Owens, which was promoted by the house host throughout the night at the SmackDown taping. The company could not find Owens at the end of the show and he refused to answer their frantic phone calls. In the end, the company switched the match to Corbin and Ziggler vs Roode and Nakamura, in a tag team match.

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  1. What an excellent article. As a fan of KO and Sami I waited and didn’t read the multiple bs stories. This sounds the way they would be, have pissed of plenty of management elsewhere. Love KO but ditching on the fans (paid fans, not smarks) is amateur. Thanks again

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