Vince McMahon not a fan of Broken Hardyz

According to our Dirty Sheets sources, it appears that Vince McMahon is not a fan of Matt Hardy or the Broken Hardyz gimmick.

Despite several writers trying to sell McMahon on the Broken gimmick, McMahon has never had any interest in the gimmick and has grown significantly tired of the pitches. In addition he is also frustrated with Matt Hardy going into business for himself and attempting to implement the gimmick into promos. Matt Hardy’s last pitch for the gimmick centred around working with Bray Wyatt, however, McMahon remained unsold.

We can now exclusively reveal that Vince McMahon is so against the gimmick, that last week, an entire house show card was reshuffled, in order to avoid any inclination of the gimmick surfacing.

Our source stated:

“The WWE originally had Matt vs Bray Wyatt on the house shows, with Miz teaming with Cesaro and Sheamus against The Shield (with Triple H replacing Reigns). However, despite it being completely illogical, Vince swapped Miz and Bray over, as he knew Matt previously wanted to work with Bray and didn’t want to give him (Matt) any opportunity to go into business for himself and play his Broken character.”

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