NXT fans upset about War Games

Hundreds of NXT fans who will be attending the War Games event on Saturday, have been left disappointed by the WWE re-issuing their tickets and moving those who had high row floor seats to the unsold hard-cam sections.

When tickets for the NXT show went on sale, it was not scheduled to be a War Games event. However, after reconfiguring their lay-out for the event, the company have had to move people off the floor and up into the tiered the section.

Despite being disappointed by the change, fans have told the Dirty Sheets that the WWE did compensate customers with a choice of gift or WWE Network vouchers. Refunds have also been offered.

Having previously sat on the floor and in the hard-cam section, I am of the personal opinion that the change is somewhat of an upgrade, with higher row floor seats often meaning 5-8 rows of people standing up infront of you throughout the night.