Smackdown Results 11-14-17

Opening Segments

Shane is backstage addressing the Smackdown Live roster hyping everyone up for Survivor Series.

Next we go to the ring. Daniel Bryan makes his entrance. Bryan rehashes the recent events leading up to Survivor Series including Kane’s attack, Triple H getting added to the match etc. Bryan then introduces AJ styles. Bryan does a Paul Heyman impression hyping AJ vs Brock on Sunday.

Backstage after commercial Jinder confronts AJ and teases a rematch for the Title.

Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara

Corbin wins via pinfall with End of Days.

Backstage Segment

Bryan and Shane discuss the necessity for cohesion between them on Smackdown.

Smackdown Women’s Title Match

Natalya vs Charlotte

Charlotte wins via submission with the Figure Eight.

We have an interview between Charlotte and Renee Young. Ric Flair makes a cameo.

Jimmy Uso vs Chad Gable

Jimmy wins via pinfall with a super kick off a distraction from his brother Jey.

The New Day vs Owens & Zayn

During this match The Shield invades. The Shield surround the ring and Owens and Zayn take a powder. The Shield then attacks the New Day. The Usos hit the ring then Sheamus and Cesaro then the Raw women and so on. Soon enough the arena is full of Raw and Smackdown talent. We have a full on invasion and a full on brawl. Before long the Raw roster beat down Shane. Angle makes his way to the ring and confronts a helpless Shane McMahon. Shane is hit with an Angle Slam and Triple powerbomb. The show closes with Shane prone in the ring and the Raw roster standing tall on the stage.