Survivor Series Fails to Sell Out? ***UPDATED***

There are some photos floating around the web that appear to show that WWE failed to sell out Survivor Series. If this is indeed true that would represent a major problem for the company. The WWE now relies on the major 4 pay-per-views to pull in a lot of revenue. They structure these events as 4 night extravaganzas that include NXT Saturday, the PPV, Sunday, Raw Monday, and Smackdown on Tuesday all from the same arena. This strategy may be starting to backfire as WWE saturates the market and the fans “burn out” on wrestling. What’s troubling however is if the main draw of the weekend, the pay-per-view, fails to sell out.


Twitter user @snxgur who attended Survivor Series last night confirmed that the show was not sold out but that the picture looks worse than it actually was. Here is what he sent us:

I was row 1 for survivor series and it wasn’t sold out but it was a lot more full then that picture. There was very limited merchandise stands and everyone failed to get into the arena early even to the point where my row was basically empty up until the woman’s 5v5.