Smackdown Results 11/22

Opening Segment

Owens and Zayn are getting blamed for Smackdown’s loss at Survivor Series. Shane threatens to fire the two and Bryan books a lumber jack match later in the show between Zayn & Owens and The New Day

Jey Uso vs Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin wins via pinfall with Paydirt after interference from the outside.

Deja Vu Segment

Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan debut backstage and attack Naomi. Becky tries to make the save but gets beat down as well.

Hype Bros vs Bludgeon Brothers

Bludgeon Brothers win via pinfall in this squash match.

AJ vs Jinder

Match doesn’t happen and gets pushed back to Night of Champions. Singh brothers hit the ring and AJ takes them out.

Natalya vs Charlotte for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Natayla wins by DQ after getting attacked by Ruby Riot and crew.

Lumber Jack Match

Sami wins via pinfall on Kofi with the roll up. The roster attacks Sami after the match and Owens makes his escape. Owens begs Bryan not to fire him and Sami in the backstage area. Bryan says he was never going to fire them and says he looks forward to Owens vs Orton next week.