Sources reveal Meltzer completely fabricated Finn Balor Story

In what has already been an embarrassing year for Dave Meltzer, with him being over 80% inaccurate throughout the year- our sources have revealed there is no truth to his story that a Lesnar vs Balor match was scrapped due to Balor not being over, as reported by Meltzer.

The plan was for Balor to face Lesnar as late as the Survivor Series go-home show, when Paul Heyman was scripted to say that Finn Balor and AJ would have to figure out among themselves who the best “in-ring performer” in the world, currently is. This was an early seed for Balor vs Lesnar. However, a decision was made to scrap the match a few days later, NOT because Balor wasn’t over, but to PROTECT his Demon gimmick, which remains unbeaten on the main roster. McMahon felt that there would be nowhere to go with Balor if they defeated the gimmick this early into his tenure, seeing as they are using the gimmick to win feuds to keep Balor strong, allowing Balor to lose non-Demon matches, without losing too much credibility (according to the company).

Balor’s Demon merchandise is also one of the top selling lines of merchandise in the company, in the same bracket as The New Day, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles, but significantly trailing Roman Reigns and John Cena. This further discredits Meltzer’s fabricated claim that McMahon feels that Balor isn’t over.

This is another embarrassment for Meltzer, who has been wrong throughout the year. Some of Meltzer’s biggest errors this year include reporting:

• The Hardy Boyz had one year deals with ROH (The Dirty Sheets reported they would return at WrestleMania 33 and win the tag titles).

• Goldberg vs Lesnar would close WrestleMania 33 (The Dirty Sheets reported it would be Reigns vs Undertaker).

• Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar would headline SummerSlam (The Dirty Sheets were reporting the Fatal 4 Way in May).

• The WWE were cancelling Lesnar vs Reigns at WrestleMania 34 and going with Cena vs Reigns (The Dirty Sheets correctly reported this was NEVER a discussion and that Lesnar vs Reigns was set in STONE).

• AJ Styles vs John Cena would face off at SummerSlam, after reporting Styles vs Nakamura two weeks earlier. Neither happened. He also reported Kevin Owens would face Shane McMahon (The Dirty Sheets correctly reported Shane vs Owens would be held off until Hell in the Cell).

• Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal would Main Event Hell in the Cell in a Hell in the Cell match.

• A UK PPV would be happening next May.

Dave Meltzer was once a semi-reliable source, however, since incorrectly reporting that CM Punk would be returning in Chicago, in March 2014, he has been far more miss than hit. We have it on very good authority that Meltzer is not liked by the WWE and has zero sources left within the company. Anyone caught talking to Meltzer would be instantly let go. We feel this may have been the case with Jimmy Jacobs, but that is purely speculation. Meltzer appears to be remaining relevant, based on a reputation that he built many moons ago.

Fortunately for Dave, hardcore wrestling fans are creatures of habit. They won’t stop watching, no matter how bad the product gets, and they will always make Meltzer their first port of call for wrestling news, no matter how inaccurate and unreliable it may be. This is why you won’t be seeing Dave Meltzer going away anytime soon, even though Mike Johnson from PW Insider has been far more accurate, whilst The Dirty Sheets have dominated 2017 since our inception, breaking over 200 major stories and being over 95% accurate- a feat which is unparalleled by any other wrestling site.

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  1. Dave was reached for comment: “Uh… um…. I think, I think…. actually, yeah… um… you know, it’s just that Bray Wyatt… um.. and certainly to a lesser extent Curtis Axel… you know… they… and, again, that’s something I was talking about yesterday on the… um… the uh… uh…. the…. you know…”

  2. OK so I’m going to ask for something that you’ll never provide.

    Can you tell me which newsletter or radio show that Meltzer made all of these reports in? Would love to read/hear them myself.

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