Huge News Regarding Major WrestleMania Match

Huge news regarding major WrestleMania match

The highly anticipated UFC Horsewomen vs WWE Horsewomen match is now closer than ever, and seems to now be a certainty for WrestleMania 34.

The Dirty Sheets can exclusively reveal that Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke have agreed terms with the WWE and both have trained at the company’s Performance Center, in preparation for a potential WrestleMania match.

Shayna Baszler has already penned a WWE deal and Ronda Rousey herself is likely to follow suit shortly. Rousey has been on board to work at WrestleMania for some time, however, it was undecided if Rousey would be wrestling in a singles match (probably against Charlotte Flair) or in an 8 woman tag- with the singles match obviously requiring a bigger commitment from Rousey, thus meaning a larger pay-packet.

We can now exclusively confirm, with Shafir and Duke now on board, Rousey will at this point almost certainly be participating in the Horsewomen vs Horsewomen match in New Orleans next April.

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  1. Going to be interesting then to see A. who takes the title off Charlotte, and B.. How they book Sasha/Bayley to be strong while also booking Paige and absolutiton to be strong for what seems to be a Paige/Asuka WrestleMania feud building.

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