Conor McGregor’s Life May Be in Danger

The Dirty Sheets have learned that Conor McGregor was involved in a bar fight, in the Crumlin suburb area of his native Dublin, Ireland, last Sunday night. However, there has been no official complaint filed by local police.

UFC President Dana White was asked about the story and said that he believed the reports to be false, stating that he felt a much bigger media circus would have unfolded if they were indeed true.

However, we have learnt more information about the incident, which would explain why the media aren’t touching the story. The information we received can been seen below:

Adding fuel to the story, Paul Williams, a renowned crime reporter in Ireland, has now come forward and confirmed the information we received. Williams also believes that McGregor’s situation in his home county is a lot more serious than anyone could imagine.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast (via, a show that William is a co-host of, he said that based on his past criminal experience, McGregor is in now serious danger and may soon be approached by the Gardai (Irish police) with information his life may be in danger:

“I have to say about this, and I’m wearing my old, veteran crime reporter hat. Conor McGregor is in a very dangerous place at the moment. He has come into conflict through probably no fault of his own, with a group of very, very dangerous people who are tied up with the Kinahans. These people do not care who Conor McGregor is, what he stands for, how powerful he is, they will drag him down into the cesspit. I would say, in the next 48 hours, if he still in the country – and I understand that he may have left the country – but if he is still in the country, I understand from my sources that the Garda will be approaching him to give him a GIM form, which is a Garda Information Message, to tell him that there may be threats to his safety. This is a huge story, and imagine what it would do to our reputation if this national sporting icon is attacked by a bunch of gangsters.”

Williams continued to elaborate on the possible state of affairs during the second hour of the show as well, reiterating that McGregor has reportedly become mixed up with some very dangerous folks, potentially accidentally:

“I just want to make a comment about this. Conor McGregor is potentially in very, very serious danger, I hear that from my sources and from looking at the lay of the land. He has ended up crossing swords- accidentally or however –  with some very, very heavy people, or some people who are related to some very, very heavy people who could pose a very serious threat to his safety, and potentially his life. And I don’t say that lightly. And these people, you have to remember – as I keep saying – they don’t care, they don’t have parameters, they don’t have boundaries, they don’t discriminate between whether you’re an international sporting icon or just a man on the street. They shoot you, they injure you, they do whatever they want to do. I think it’s extraordinary. And I think in the next 24-48 hours, I believe that An Garda Síochána will be approaching Conor McGregor and saying to him, ‘By the way, we just want to officially inform you that potentially your safety is at risk’. I think it’s an extraordinary state of affairs. And watch this space.”

We returned to our source with the information that Williams put out and our source added:

“This sounds spot on. Dana White and the UFC try to sell this narrative that Conor was poor and he is a great rags to riches story, but Conor was never poor. Yeah, he was stealing welfare whilst not actively looking for a job like you’re supposed to, but he was also involved in lots of gangster stuff that made sure he got paid to train and eat well. This story that Dee fed him is a nice story, but in reality it’s all bulls**t. Conor was paid because he always involved in criminal sh*t. He’s not who they tell you he is.”