Business is Way Down

We at the Dirty Sheets have been for a long time preaching the fact that the WWE have been alienating the main stream audience, and have been pandering to a tiny minority. We published a report in August stating specifically that Smackdown attendance was down. We’ve been called every name in the book but it’s impossible to argue with clear evidence. We have been exclusively receiving photos from fans attending episodes of Smackdown and Raw.

The following photo was taken at the September 26th episode of Smackdown live taping during the Kevin Owens segment.

The fan who sent us the photo said to us the following:

Hey guys, in case you’re interested, here are a couple shots I took during Smackdown Live last week (9/26) in Glendale/Phoenix. Great seats just opposite hardcam – bought them for $40 day of the show, well under face value. Will also be attending in Seattle in ~2 weeks (10/17) – that one might be especially telling, since Seattle is usually quite a good crowd. WWE staff were also moving paid people into the seats opposite hardcam throughout the show to fill gaps (though those seats were mostly full – but they were prime sections)

The next photo was taken at the Raw after Survivor Series.

Clearly you can see the upper deck is tarped off and there are many empty patches in the crowd. The fan told us the following:

They just vacated 2 floor rows behind the old announcers table to fill the camera side seats… pretty sure they didn’t sell many tickets.