Have Guaranteed Contracts Ruined Wrestling?

Vince McMahon was famous for saying that he doesn’t provide guarantees he provides opportunities. This however has not been the case since the late 90s when guaranteed contracts became the norm.

While there were a few guaranteed contracts before the 90s they were extremely rare. It was WCW and the nWo that really changed things. After McMahon had lost many of his top stars to WCW McMahon was forced to adopt the WCW practice of guaranteed contracts. Jim Ross once put it this way “sales people on commission work harder and that’s what we used to have in the WWE before guaranteed contracts.” Many pundits both inside and outside “the business” have stated complacency and by extension guaranteed contracts are a major contributing factor for the lack of inspiration seen in modern wrestling.

That brings us to today. Fans were chatting on twitter today about their fear that WWE would ruin Velveteen Dream when they bring him up to the main roster. They feared another “Tyler Breeze” situation. While this is a false comparison since Dream has more charisma in his pinky toe than Breeze has in his whole body, Breeze’s response was extremely telling.

If we take Breeze’s tweet at face value and he really is happy with his spot in the company than God help us wrestling is doomed. Today’s stars seem more interested in coming to work, punching the clock, having their nice little spot in the lower mid card, punching out, and going home. Wrestling WILL DIE with that mentality. McMahon once said this generation was unwilling to grab the “brass ring”. Maybe that because you already handed them a gold ring Vince.