Major creative change indicates Stephanie may be the most powerful McMahon

A late creative change to the Paige lead “Absolution” faction, may be a significant indicator that the power within the WWE is beginning to shift towards Stephanie McMahon.

It’s being said that Vince McMahon was sold on the idea of the group debuting as PMS, which would stand for, “Paige, Mandy and Sonia.” However, Stephanie McMahon squashed the idea and the group debuted without a name on it’s first week, before Stephanie decided to go with Absolution.

Vince McMahon felt the name was a suitable fit, given the group would be an angry group of females lead by Paige, who would be frustrated at being forgotten. He also felt like they would escape scrutiny, as the letters fit the initials of the superstars, rather than forcing it the way they did in 1999 with the Pretty Mean Sisters.

Our source has revealed that:

“This was an idea for a few hours until Stephanie got wind of it just before showtime and canned it. Vince took some convincing, but in the end, the general consensus was that children wouldn’t understand it and Raw is still primarily designed to attract a 18-45 male audience, based on the advertising placed whilst Raw airs. However, Stephanie was able to overrule Vince and get it scrapped instantly. The change happened so late, that the group didn’t even announce their name on their debut. In hindsight, they have probably dodged a bullet on this occasion, but overall it’s a worrying sign, as the writing team generally feel like most of Stephanie’s ideas are absolutely terrible!”