Smackdown Results

Opening Segment

Sami and Owens come down to the ring and put each other over. Orton hits Owens outta nowhere with the RKO while Sami is walking up the ramp and cutting a promo. Shane comes out and rehashes everything that they’ve already said. He says the two will have a tag match at Clash of Champions against Orton and a mystery opponent. He then books Sami vs Orton later with the stipulation that Owens will be handcuffed to the ropes.

New Day vs Rusev and English

Rusev wins via pinfall after knocking Kofi off the ropes and hitting him with a kick to the head.

Mojo Interview

Mojo tries to explain why he turned on Ryder. It’s convoluted crap.

Backstage Women’s Segment

Bryan books the Women’s title match at clash as a lumberjack match

US Title Segment

Ziggler laughably cuts a promo about how good he is and about how Roode and Corbin need wins to be credible.

Bludgeon Brother Match

The Brothers squash two local jobbers

Roode vs Corbin

Ziggler interferes and attacks Roode with the Zig Zag.

Charlotte vs Tamina

Flair wins with the Figure 8

Zayn vs Orton

Owens gets out of his cuffs with bold cutters but Orton hits the DDT on both Sami and Owens. Orton goes for the RKO but misses, Sami then misses the Hulluva kick and gets rolled up for the 1,2,3. Sami and Owens double team Orton and Nakamura makes the save. Looks like he is the second man. Show cuts to Bryan and Shane who add the stip that if Zayn and Owens lose at Clash they are fired from the whole WWE.