Dave Meltzer makes hilarious claim about Daniel Bryan

With speculation mounting about a Daniel Bryan in-ring return on WWE, Dave Meltzer chipped in with his usual two cents via his Wrestling Observer Newsletter- claiming to know the full story, despite being less than 10% accurate this year. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there been no change in Bryan’s status when it comes to being cleared. Meltzer then hilariously claimed that recent reports of Bryan being cleared are false, because, “WWE confirmed to The Observer on December 4th that Bryan has not been cleared.”

Although, I don’t dispute Meltzer’s assumption that Bryan isn’t clear, I find his claim that WWE told him anything, completely laughable.

Whilst The Dirty Sheets remain over 95% accurate, Meltzer has been mostly incorrect all year. This is what tends to happen when you guess the news and report it as fact. We have been reliably informed that Meltzer no longer has any sources in the WWE and even talking to Meltzer would be considered gross misconduct. Some speculate that Jimmy Jacobs may have been let go, partly due to a relationship with Meltzer. However, this is purely speculation among our sources

Dave Meltzer is the best known dirt sheet reporter on the planet, which is exactly why he doesn’t have any WWE sources in 2017 and especially why the WWE wouldn’t respond to him directly about a potential storyline. Meltzer continues to do a great job of luring people into paying for a Newsletter that sells people his predictions as actual information. For that, you have to take your hat off to the guy.

On the subject of a Daniel Bryan return, The Dirty Sheets understand that Vince McMahon has put the decision solely in the hands of WWE’s Dr. Joseph Maroon. However, it’ll be interesting to see if Maroon comes under extra pressure to clear Bryan after WrestleMania, with the potential of Brock Lesnar being gone from the WWE and with Bryan having less than 6 months left on his current contract. Bryan has made it clear that he will leave the WWE to wrestle elsewhere if he isn’t cleared by the WWE.