Triple H and Vince McMahon disagree over Hall of Fame induction

Jim Johnson has been one of WWE’s major influences over the last 3 decades, creating many of the WWE’s most significant entrance themes, including the likes of The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, despite his iconic status, it’s highly unlikely that Johnson will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Johnson left the WWE last week, after being with the company for three decades. Sources have revealed that Triple H proposed that Johnson should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, however, Vince McMahon bluntly shot it down- declaring that only characters will go into the Hall of Fame- meaning all behind the scenes staff are excluded.

Many may point to the induction of Michel Hayes, however, Hayes was inducted as his Freebirds’ character. The irony of McMahon’s decision is that the Ultimate Warrior categorically advocated for WWE’s off-screen employees to be inducted into the Hall of Fame during his Hall of Fame speech. However, the WWE opted to re-write history and crudely revised the context of his speech. They changed it to suggest the WWE honour charitable causes, in order to create the “Warrior award.”