Triple H Beats Jinder in India

Well it looks like the experiment of Jinder Mahal is officially over. For months we heard from every angle that India was a major priority to the WWE. Jinder was being booked as champion so this new fertile market can have a hero. Everyone fell at the feet of the great Mahal until his long reign was abruptly ended by AJ Styles in the run up to Survivor Series.

Survivor Series was also the event that saw Triple H book himself as the main star; taking a figurative shovel to the former NXT champions in the match.

Well it looks like the biggest burial was being held off for India. Living up to his reputation, Triple H beat Jinder in India effectively negating everything Jinder did in the past year. This is a tremendous insult especially seeing as Triple H did the job for Reigns earlier in the week in Abu Dhabi.