Raw Results 12/11/17

Opening Segment

Show opens with Samoa Joe calling out Reigns. Reigns comes out and is ambushed by Joe and the Bar. Ambrose and Rollins make their way out and a brawl ensues.

Bayle and Mickie James vs Mandy Rose and Paige

Mandy Rose wins via pinfall on Mickie off the double team.

We have a Woken Hardy/Bray Wyatt Promo

Backstage Segment

Enzo is talking to Gulak and accidentally mentions Nia Jax.

Balor vs Axel

Bo and Axel double team Balor before the match. Balor wins via pinfall with a Coup de Grace.

Rollins vs Shamus

Rollins wins via pinfall with a High Knee

35 Minute Cruiserweight Fatal Four Way

Cedric Alexander wins via Pinfall and will go on to face Gulak next week to determine number one contender

Backstage Segment

Nia Jax and Enzo are flirting backstage

Intercontinental Title Match Reings vs Cesaro

Reigns wins via pinfall with the Spear

Asuka vs Alicia Fox

Fox doesn’t make her entrance and Absolution comes out. Paige takes the mic and throws to the titantron. Fox is selling an arm injury and is taken to see the doctor by a ref. Paige cuts a promo about how they’ve taken every other woman out and that even Asuka can’t stop absolution. Absolution then triple teams Asuka and even though Asuka got in some offense it was no match for the three on one. The rest of the women’s locker room hits the ring and all hell breaks loose. Looks like they’re starting to lay the seeds for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

Backstage Segment

Angle says he needs the ring reinfored to a member of the ring crew. Jordan comes in Angle’s office says he will keep his cool and then asks why he can’t be in a match with Joe. Kurt says he’s in a tough position and needs to treat everyone equally. Jordan say’s “see you later Kurt”.

Samoa Joe vs Dean Ambrose

Joe wins via submission with the Coquina Clutch after Jason Jordan gets involved in the match.

Titus World Why?

Dana Brooke joins Titus world wide. The Club call Titus, Crews and Brooke nerds then Braun walks trough and everyone scatters.

Braun Strowman vs Kane

The match ended in a double count out after Stroman tackled Kane through the barricade leaving Lesnar’s opponent for Royal Rumble still up in the air. The brawl continued after the match and Srowman put Kane through a table.