MAJOR news about Brock Lesnar’s future

Whilst rumours about Brock Lesnar being involved with the Rocky franchise remain unconfirmed, we can exclusively confirm that Brock Lesnar hired an acting agent several months ago. However, Brock is only in search of 1-2 “major” roles, solely so his kids can see him on the big screen.

Our sources have informed us that when Paul Heyman was asked if Brock’s future lies with the UFC or WWE, Heyman was uncommitted, however, he categorically stated that Brock would like to follow in the footsteps on Batista and secure a major film role, so that his children can see him on the big screen, as they do not watch WWE.

Brock is not interested in a big movie career like The Rock and he is also not interested in doing any TV roles or anything with WWE films. He has simply secured representation to put out feelers for “something big” in the movie industry.

Brock’s current WWE deal ends at WrestleMania 34 and it’s believed he is unlikely to stay with the WWE falling $20m short of their targeted profit this year.