John Cena discuses turning heel in WWE

During a recent interview with, John Cena addressed the topic of him turning heel in the WWE, which stemmed from a question about his role in the upcoming Bumblee film:

“It’s a bit of a different role. I don’t wanna confirm a Cena heel-turn, because it’s not a full-blown deal like that, but it’s damn sure close!

Things then moved on to him turning heel in the WWE:

“So many times in WWE, the audience tells me – at the top of their lungs – that they want me to change. But over the years I’ve learned that, if I change, they’ll just rag on me about something else. I’m never gonna please them and, at the same time, I would be turning my back on those that I care about. So it couldn’t have been a better situation for me to be involved with this movie.”