Current plans for Owens/Zayn/Bryan

According to our sources, the current plan is for the “Yup” movement to stick around and emerge victorious this Sunday at the Clash of Champions PPV.

The Dirty Sheets learned that Owens and Zayn would be winning last week, and that the finish would involve a mix-up between Bryan and Shane McMahon. However, following the addition of Daniel Bryan as a second referee, we re-inquired about the outcome and were informed that nothing has changed, despite the fact Bryan is now a referee.

An additional reason for our re-enquiry also centered around Kevin Owens pinning Shinsuke Nakamura on the go-home show. Historically, the go-home show can often give away the result of the PPV, with the wrestler who is pinned, often getting their win back on the PPV. Is it our understanding that the WWE are aware the fans are in the loop are about this go-home trend, and are actively trying to make it a non-entity.