King Kong Bundy attacks “messed up” Scott Hall at fan convention

Brutus Beefcake revealed that there was a major incident between King Kong Bundy and Scott Hall at a fan convention in Staten Island, NY. Beekcake was speaking on MLW’s “Prime Time” podcast, which is hosted by former WWE announcer Sean Mooney.

Beefcake stated that Bundy went after Hall and ended up getting his hands around Hall’s neck.

“He was in a vodka rage and started messing with the wrong guy, King Kong Bundy, and things went bad for him.”

The Wrestling Observer added weight to Beefcake’s story by claiming that Hall had shown up late for the event after disappearing earlier and was allegedly, “messed up” when he started yelling at Bundy, who got tired of Hall’s verbal abuse and went after him.

Hall’s behavior comes as no surprise to us here at the Dirty Sheets. We were sent exclusive video over WrestleMania weekend of Scott Hall drinking in the morning with Ric Flair.