Idiotic wrestling reporter attacks Samoa Joe

James McKenna, from Pro Wrestling Sheet, recently to took to Twitter to needlessly call out Samoa Joe about a tweet, clearly in keeping with his on-screen character.

McKenna, who attempts to carry favour with the wrestling community by portraying himself as a social justice warrior, wrongly and embarrassingly decided to interpret Samoa Joe’s tweet, below, as sexist.

McKenna stupidly responded with this tweet:

Samoa Joe also responded, putting the irrelevant and attention seeking McKenna, firmly in his place.

You can read McKenna’s work over at the Pro Wrestling Sheet, where they post around 3-5 stories a week and claim things people publicly write on Twitter as their own exclusive news.

  • Brandon King

    You guys really like attacking other wrestling publications or their members, between your mini war with Meltzer and now this. This guy was an idiot, but I think it’s funny that you guys give him shit for stuff posted on Twitter when that’s exactly what you’re doing.