Raw Results 12-18

Opening Segment

Show opens with Angle making announcement about who will face Lesnar at Rumbe. Braun comes out and says he should because he was the last one standing. Kane comes out says he should be facing Brock because he’s been there for 20 years and never fell to the beast. Heyman comes out and says Brock should have a say about this. Brock circles the ring and just after he enters the ropes Angle announces the match will be triple threat at Rumble. Brock clotheslines Braun over the top rope and F5s Kane.

Rollins vs Joe

Jordan interrupts and says he wants shot at Joe. Joe comes out and says why don’t you two fight over me. Jordan vs Rollins is booked and winner will face Joe at a later date. Rollins wins with High Knee. After match Joe attacks Rollins and Jordan.

Backstage Segment

Angle books 6 man tag Jordan, Ambrose, Rollins vs Joe and the Bar later in the night.

Bray Wyatt Segment

Bray spouts his typical stuff.

Handicap Match Balor vs Axel and Dallas

Axel and Dallas get disqualified with blatant use of the double team. Itami debuts and makes the save. We get a tag match Itami & Balor vs Miztourage. Itami wins with GTS on Axel.

Cruiserweight Number One Contender Match

Alexander wins with Lumbar Check.

Asuka vs Fox

Asuka wins via submission

Samoa Joe & The Bar vs Jordan, Rollins & Ambrose

Cesaro wins via pinfall over Rollins

Woken Promo

Revival vs Rhyno and Slater

The Revival wins via Pinfall

Elias Song

Elias is singing about the NFL commissioner when the face women make their entrance.

6 Women Tag Match Absolution vs. Bayley, Sasha Banks & Mickie James

Match never really gets started and the faces win via DQ.

Royal Rumble Announcement

Stephanie comes out and Kayfabe dies as all the faces and heels stand in a row as Stephanie becomes a face for the night and announces a Women’s Royal Rumble Match!