Exclusive news on Ambrose injury and future of The Shield

Exclusive news on Ambrose injury and future of The Shield

Unlike every other so called wrestling news site, The Dirty Sheets have received exclusive news regarding Dean Ambrose’s injury and the future of The Shield.

The original plan for The Shield was ALWAYS for Dean Ambrose to turn heel and face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 34. This STILL remains the plan, despite Ambrose’s injury, which will mean the story will now need to take a detour, whilst Ambrose is out of action.

Ambrose suffered a tricep tendon injury last weekend at a house show in Syracuse, NY on Saturday. He attempted to work through the injury on Sunday, at a house show in Allentown, PA. Unfortunately, it was after this show that he informed officials about the injury and the WWE medical staff decided he couldn’t work through it and immediately booked him in for surgery yesterday. He was then subsequently written off television on Monday, with the injury angle. The WWE also deliberately planted a seed to lead to the Rollins vs Ambrose feud, as it was a miscalculation by Rollins that lead to the on-screen injury.

There is no official timetable for Ambrose’s return from injury, however, our sources have told us that the WWE expect it to be 4 months, and that Ambrose is expected to be available for WrestleMania. According to our source, the WWE expect Ambrose to be performing active motion exercises just 4-6 weeks after surgery, without the assistance of a physical therapist. Once full range of motion is restored, strengthening exercises will begin, usually three months after surgery, and the WWE expect Ambrose would return to the ring appropriately 4-6 weeks after that. However, he should be able to appear on television to set up an angle before the 4 month period.

If the diagnosis is worse than the WWE expect, Ambrose will obviously miss WrestleMania and the Rollins and Ambrose feud will take place when Ambrose is fully cleared to return to action.