WWE re-thinking Women’s Royal Rumble plans

It was the Dirty Sheets who EXCLUSIVELY broke the news about a Women’s Royal Rumble match on September 18th, via our YouTube channel, further confirming that The Dirty Sheets are the No.1 source in the world for wrestling news. You can view our exclusive breaking news video, below.

The WWE were originally planning to do a 20 woman Rumble, however, according to our sources, recent talks are leaning towards making the event even more grandiose, by making it a 30 woman Royal Rumble. This will mean that the WWE will be bringing in former WWE female legends as surprise entrants, much like the male Royal Rumble, in addition to using women from NXT.

Whilst there is nothing officially decided at this point, our sources have told us that we should definitely no longer expect a rumble simply featuring 20 women.

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