John Cena kicks-off #RawChristmas

Tonight’s Christmas edition of Raw in Chicago, was opened up by 16-time WWE Champion John Cena. Cena celebrated the fact that this was the first ever Raw to take place live on Christmas Day, before being interrupted by Elias. Elias hilariously claimed that WWE stood for “Walk With Elias.” Elias also acknowledged a very loud “CM Punk chant.”

Elias began singing his customary anti-hometown song, however, Cena convinced Elias to change his tune and sing a pro-Chicago version. Elias, agreed, but it proved to be a swerve, as he attacked John Cena and challenged Cena to a match, which was quickly made.

The match was given plenty of time, with Elias allowed to look competitive and strong. Cena eventually ended up winning the match with an Attitude Adjustment.