Very interesting note about Jinder Mahal

Earlier on, we exclusively revealed that the WWE currently plan to crown Jinder Mahal as the new US Champion.

Interestingly, The Dirty Sheets can exclusively reveal that when Mahal wins the Championship, he will do it by beating Bobby Roode in the final, the very same guy he was pencilled in to feud for the WWE Championship, before plans changed.

The original plans were for Mahal to overcome AJ Styles in December and move onto Bobby Roode in January, before dropping the WWE Championship to Cena at WrestleMania 34. This why the WWE initially bought up Bobby Roode so quickly after dropping the NXT Championship, and why he has been in somewhat of a holding pattern in recent months.

Despite the fact Mahal is no longer the WWE Champion, he still finds himself booked against the same opponent he was set to face in January. It’ll be interesting to see if Mahal still faces John Cena, or if the company still want to proceed with giving Cena his 17th and record breaking WWE title win.