Exclusive update on Dolph Ziggler’s future

Many sites are wrongly reporting that Ziggler has a lot of time left of his contact, which is simply not the case.

The Dirty Sheets exclusively revealed that Ziggler’s contract expired in October and that he signed a short-term extension.

The current US Championship angle was simply a way to accomplish two things:

  • Get the US Championship off Baron Corbin and on to Jinder Mahal (see full story on DirtySheets.Net website).
  • Leave the door open for Ziggler to return, with an appealing storyline awaiting him.

We shall wait and see what Ziggler opts to do. Ziggler has spoken very publicly about being under-utilised by the WWE and the lure of the current storyline may see him return to the WWE. However, as things stand, he is genuinely coming to the end of WWE obligations and may leave the company to pursue other interests.