Further “exclusive” information about Dolph Ziggler’s future

Last week we gave a major update of Dolph Ziggler’s future, which you can read here:

Exclusive update on Dolph Ziggler’s future

With Ziggler out of contract, he now has various options, however, with the WWE door wide open to return, our sources are strongly leaning towards Ziggler returning to the company.

According to our sources, Ziggler had the opportunity to leave the WWE in October and appear at Wrestle Kingdom, after Shinsuke Nakamura aided in getting Ziggler to the negotiating table. However, Ziggler opted to sign a short extension with WWE, and Chris Jericho seized the opportunity to bag Ziggler’s spot.

Ziggler is one of the most popular choices with WWE sponsors. In the last 12 months alone, Ziggler has been selected by TapOut, Cricket Wireless and KFC. As a point of comparison, AJ Styles appeared on NONE of these commercials. It’s being said that Ziggler loves the celebrity, the money and the lifestyle of a WWE Superstar, and despite not being enamoured by his booking, he is making close to $750,000 a year. Our source has indicated that this is the final window for Ziggler to go to Japan and explore other ventures in wrestling, especially with Daniel Bryan likely to be available in September. If Ziggler signs a new WWE deal, it will all be confirm that Ziggler will wrestle for the WWE and the WWE only, for the duration of his career.