Raw Results (Hour 2), January 1st

• Asuka defeats Alexa Bliss with an “Asuka Lock” as expected. Asuka sells more than she has for anyone else on Raw so far. Although Bliss is actually the Champion, so it’s okay. It wasn’t okay when she sold for Emma, 2 days before Emma was released.

• Joe is interviewed by Renee. Makes hilarious quip about Dean Ambrose living off his wife’s pay cheque because of him. They are using Renee well here to make Joe look like a heel scumbag. Unlike anyone else on Raw, Joe understands how to play a heel.

• Bayley enters the Royal Rumble with a horrible promo. Remember when we cared about Bayley?

• Braun Strowman squashed Rhyno and Slater. Strowman was massively over with the Miami crowd, as was Rhyno, as the crowd chanted “E-C-Dub” at one point and “let’s go Rhyno.” The match was originally Braun vs Rhyno, but Strowman grabbed the mic and changed it mid-match. Braun won with a PowerSlam, pinning Rhyno and continued the beatdown after the match by hitting his PowerSlam on both, again and again.

• Jason Jordan hilariously interrupts a Rollins and Reigns backstage segment. He says that him and Seth have Roman’s back if The Bar interferes and closes out with “Believe that.” Rollins and Reigns sell the funny awkwardness with their comedy facials afterwards.

• Braun and Kane run into each other backstage. Kane says he wants to talk, and proposes they take out Brock together. Braun turns him down.

• Backstage City continues, as Angle is seen on his phone, as usual, saying his scripted lines. He’s interrupted by Balor. Balor says he’s entering the Royal Rumble and that he will be teaming with Gallows and Anderson tonight against The Miztourage and Elias. The marks in the crowd cheer and chant “too sweet.” This is clear sign the WWE have no idea what to do with all three, and have conceded creative failure, by opting for a cheap Bullet Club pops, and only targeting 10% of their audience.

• Roman and Samoa Joe is up next as we enter the final hour.