Raw Results (Hour 3), January 1st

  • Roman vs Samoa Joe concludes, with Roman retaining the title. The pair obviously have a competitive match, which goes 3 segments. Towards the end, they do a spot which sees Roman getting pushed into the Referee and they tease a DQ. However, Roman ends up winning with the spear.
  • Next up, we get some cruiserweight action, as if this show hasn’t dragged enough. Don’t forget to buy your Dirty Sheets 205 T-Shirt. Davari and Gulak are in the ring. Gulak is cutting a promo when he is interrupted by Alexander and his tag partner Goldust. Yeah, we don’t know why either. Goldust and Alexander get the win in this mixed weight tag match.
  • We then go to the ring where Elias and The Miztourage sing a New Year’s song. Balor, Gallows and Anderson, aka The Bullet Club Light, come out and they have a six-man tag match. Balor pinned Dallas for the win.
  • We close the show with Heyman cutting his standard Brrrrooock Leeeesnar promo. The basic gist is that Lesnar has no equal in the WWE. Kane comes out and chokslams Lesnar. Lesnar sits up, Undertaker style, as Kane is leaving the ring. Kane tries to return, but the two are separated by the roster.