Jericho rightfully tells Ryan Satin to “go f**k himself!”

Chris Jericho continued his war of words with Ryan Satin, by telling Satin to “go f**k himself!”

You can view the video here:

Jericho launched the attack on Satin, as Satin continually bashed Jericho on Twitter and wrote a negative article about him, for dedicating his Wrestle Kingdom 12 match against Kenny Omega, to “fallen brothers.”

Jericho posted a photo on Instagram that shows Benoit and Eddie Guerrero caricatures standing behind him.

Despite never specifying Benoit, Satin opted to run with this angle and milk it, until he could get Jericho’s attention- which he did.

Satin previously needlessly criticised Jericho for this tweet.

Satin used this as an opportunity to bait Jericho into an argument, by taking his usual nauseating stance, as a social justice warrior.

Even females saw through Satin’s see-through and attention seeking persona.

It seems like people are growing increasingly sick of Ryan Satin and his role as an irritating social justice warrior. Satin and his colleague, James McKenna, have continually irritated wrestlers over the last year, by needlessly taking them to task over tweets and comments over the last year, mainly centring around accusing people of being homophobic or sexist. I myself have experienced the same nonsense from Satin, who was clearly threatened by the fact that The Dirty Sheets has actual news and Pro Wrestling Sheet rarely have any.

It certainly looks like people are beginning to see through Satin and McKenna and looking at them as the frauds they truly are, rather than the do-gooders and “journalists” they aim to be perceived us.

Pro Wrestling Sheet no longer has any news. They were cut off from their sources months ago. Whilst we have accurately broken the news of women’s Royal Rumble, the plans for Owens/Zayn/Shane Dolph Ziggler’s WWE status and much much more, the Pro Wrestling Sheet have delivered nothing during this period. However, they have been attacked by Samoa Joe, Vince Russo, Chris Jericho and others, for deliberately misinterpreting their comments in order to gain attention for themselves. Seeing as they provide nothing positive to the wrestling community, perhaps it’s high time that the wrestling community finally ignore Pro Wrestling Sheet and see them for what they are truly are, an insignificant attention-seeking cancer, portraying themselves as social justice warriors, solely for the good of their faltering brand.

3 thoughts on “Jericho rightfully tells Ryan Satin to “go f**k himself!”

  1. I like coming here but man you guys are dicks. I agree that Ryan might be overreacting about what Jericho has said, but you guys continuously blast other journalists or sites for “losing their sources” but watch out, it’ll happen to you too, and then you’ll be s.o.l.

    1. You don’t know who our sources are. We are pretty much 100% certain they won’t be going anywhere, as we aren’t depending on writers, who all have short-term careers, leaking us info.

  2. I’m usually against that line too, Brandon, but Satin has taken things way too far. Starting twitter beefs with wrestlers is bush league.

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