Monday Night War show on course to break record

Last Monday we launched our brand new, “Back to the Monday Night War” podcast, off the back of the success of our “Nitro in 30” podcast. For anyone who loved the Monday Night War, this truly is, the ultimate companion.

You can listen to the show by clicking the play button, below:

We are happy to report that the numbers for this show have been exceptional, and we are currently on course to beat our long-standing listenership record, that being our interview with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson from last January.

This has all come about, thanks to the feedback from you guys, our loyal listeners. After covering the first 17 weeks of Nitro, beginning in September 1995, many people were emailing us to cover the Raw shows alongside it. So last Monday, we launched a brand new show, to cover the Monday Night War like never before.

About the show

Myself and Cav hop into our time machine and literally cover Raw and Nitro, segment by segment, exactly as it happens. This means we literally channel surf and talk about what was on Raw and what was on Nitro at that same precise time, analysing what segments and matches went up against each other during the two shows, as they battled for ratings supremacy. It’s truly the most extensive, informative and hilarious breakdown of the Monday Night War, that’s ever been done before.

Monday started with the January 1st, 1996, editions of both shows. Note, we are running exactly in time with the shows, except 22 years later. I can’t think of a better time start, with Brian Pillman on the verge of turning into the Loose Canon, the WWE heading in WrestleMania XII, and with the NWO invasion being only 5 months away

All you need to do to get involved and experience the greatest era in wrestling like never before is:

Order the WWE Network ✔️

Watch back the shows ✔️

Download & listen to the podcast ✔️

What’s next?

As I said, we are running exactly in time, so be sure to download the next episode of the show next week, on Monday 8th January, which will cover the Monday 8th January 1996, editions of Raw and Nitro.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the current episode posted above, and help us to achieve our download record. This concept truly is the most fun podcast I’ve ever done and without question, the best content we’ve ever produced.