Video: Roman Reigns IGNORES fans, while other Superstars stop for photos

Roman Reigns is meant to be the face of the WWE and the new John Cena, based on the fact he’s been coronated at TWO successive WrestleManias, with No.3 shortly on the horizon. However, by looking at this video, taken during WWE’s tour of Australia, it seems like Roman Reigns is far from the fan friendly guy who embraces every aspect of the job, like Cena did/does.

When younger, I would often go to airports and hotels to meet wrestlers- something I can no longer do, as recognised media. Over the years, I managed to accumulate numerous photos with John Cena. However, if you watch the video, at the top of the page, you will see that not a single fan gets a photo with Roman Reigns.

My sources tell me this is fairly consistent with Roman Reign’s behaviour. My own child has been turned down for a photo by both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, the only 2 guys to ever refuse him a photo. My child is now 6, but began meeting wrestlers when he was 3.

This certainly will disappoint many fans, whilst many will turn to the Sasha Banks defence. Sasha Banks previously controversially said, the WWE Superstars owe the fans nothing away from events they pay for and even labelled selfie-hunters as “stalkers.”

My opinion sits somewhere in the middle. This wasn’t a packed hotel lobby, where Roman would’ve had to take 50-100 photos, wasting an hour of his time- this was a handful of people in an airport and everyone else managed to find time to stop.

Perhaps the “Big Dog” is just a Big D**k?”

Let us know your thoughts. We will discuss this topic on this week’s episode of “Wrestling Therapy” on our Dirty Sheets Podcast, available on iTunes, via the link below, or via our website.

11 thoughts on “Video: Roman Reigns IGNORES fans, while other Superstars stop for photos

  1. This is beyond stupid. I met Roman and he cares for his Fans. This is just another bullshit Article and a psathetic try to find something to hate on Roman. There are several other Superstars who never do pics with fans o at all. But ofcouse you pick on Roman.

    1. I’ve seen it first hand. You definitely didn’t meet him outside of an autograph signing, where he was “working.”

  2. And u lie, what u say is not true. Roman barly turns down Pics with fans. This is a hate post from you, nothing more.

  3. And maybe u should correct ur bullshit headline, cause several other wrestlers ignored the Fans i the video !

  4. While yall are calling him a dick

    He was dealing with the hurricane that hit his house while he was in Australia….he had to leave his family in ATL just to entertain u dicks. Judging by your video alot of wrestlers didnt stop

    He always stop for his fans dont stalk him

    1. He ignored my 6 year old, getting into a lift, with 2 people there. Was there a hurricane on that day too? I am loving the excuses from people who know nothing

  5. Worst headline by this site ever. I have a lot of respect for this site but this isn’t the way to retain credibility.

  6. These wrestlers coming from along flight, he probably wanted to hit the gym, be left alone bcoz of his situtation at the time, juding by your video alot of wrestlers ingonored u and your friends

    Stalking them at the airports is creepy….then when they have their headphones in dont bother them.

    This is trash.

    1. It’s not my video, you moron, we are actually journalists who receive press credentials from the WWE, we don’t meet wrestlers in airports. I’m also based in London, and this is Australia! How clueless do you want to look?

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