Monday Night Raw and Nitro Results and notes, January 8th 1996

Here are our notes from our “Back to the Monday Night War” Podcast, available via The Dirty Sheets feed on iTunes and on our DirtySheets.Net website. You can listen to this episode by clicking the box, below:

Monday Nitro Results and Podcast Notes:

• Show starts with the announcers gloating about what they give away for free and how much WWE charge.

• Benoit vs Alex Wright is your opening match. A lot of focus on Pillman who is subtlety becoming more and more insane. During the match, Bishoff calls WWE Titanic Sports and criticises them for raising prices, whilst WCW are doing a free PPV. Benoit picks up the win with a German Suplex. Pillman SPITS on Wright after the match.

• Regal vs Guerrero is next. Bishoff is constantly repeating a new slogan, “often imitated,” referencing the Billionaire Ted skits on Raw. I notice here that Guerrero’s music is the BadStreet (Freebirds music), instrumental. The match is a slow paced technical wrestling match. Guerrero wins with a backslide. The win is portrayed as an upset.

• Luger and Sting come out to talk to Mean “bury the talent” Gene. Sting wants to confront Luger about an incident that’s 11 days old. Luger tries to explain why he cost Sting the match at Starrcade whilst Gene shit-stirs. Somehow the pair end up as a tag team by the end of the segment, because, WCW.. I think we can assume that Jimmy Hart managing Luger has been dropped with no explanation.

• Sting vs DDP next. They are talking about how DDP has lost it all- Diamond Doll, TV Title etc. He then loses this match to Sting too. It’ll be fascinating to see how they get DDP up to a Main Event level during this year. Sting wins with a Scorpion Deathlock submission.

• Hogan & Savage vs Flair & Arn Anderson is next. The match is relatively slow, not surprising given the combined age of the 4 men is nearly 200. As expected, it ends in a DQ, with the Horsemen and Giant interfering.

Monday Night Raw Results & Podcast Notes:

• Show starts with Jeff Jarrett beating Hakushi, with a Figure of Four. Hakushi has fallen significantly since last year’s feud with Bret Hart.

• They throw to JR in the studio. Ross introduces the Scheme Gene character and plugs the Royal Rumble.

• Ahmed squashed a jobber and then chases off Jarrett, who attempts to hit him with a guitar.

• The Brother Love show is next, where Ted Dibiase is set to introduce the new Million Dollar Champion. As we all know, this turns out to be Steve Austin, as The Ringmaster. Austin cuts a short promo. He says man a lot and enters the Rumble. Austin doesn’t seem like anything special here, but at the same time, his promo is fine, minus the overuse of “man.”

• Goldust squashes Aldo Montoya. Curtain Call, 1-2-3.

• We then throw back to JR who gives us the staged Shawn Michaels press conference. This is very well done. We get to see Scheme Gene again, who is promoting his hotline.

•!The show interviews reacting to Michaels return. Diesel comes off as the most realistic. They speak to Diesel, Razor Ramon and Owen Hart, who injured Michaels with a head kick.

• We then get the Bret Hart vs Bulldog match from In Your House. This is the second week in a row they’ve done this and it makes very little sense why they are airing a full PPV match on Raw.