Meltzer wrong AGAIN, as Goldberg is set to headline WWE Hall of Fame

As we exclusively reported by the Dirty Sheets 7 months ago, Goldberg will headline this year’s Hall of Fame. We were also the FIRST to report that the WWE were in advanced talks with Goldberg about the Hall of Fame in November. This was while the great Dave Meltzer was reporting it would be Batista headling the Hall of Fame, further proving that Meltzer no longer has any inside information.

You can read our exclusive story, below:

WWE in talks with Goldberg

  • Mridul Nair

    Actually Meltzer also said that Goldberg will or might be a part of HOF.

    • Billi Bhatti

      Months after us

  • Karui Carmine

    Taking a shot at Dave like this seems pretty low and childish.

    • Brandon King

      Lately this website has proven to be exactly that, low and childish.

      • Billi Bhatti

        It’s childish to be right 95% of the time, whilst the industry continues to cite fakes and has-beens? Why don’t you stay away from my accurate site and get your fake news fix elsewhere

  • Brandon King

    This dick measuring contest you guys are having with Dave is only making you guys look bad. You guys blast other reporters for doing the same lame ass shit you guys are pulling.

    • Billi Bhatti

      I think you’ll find we didn’t, as we like the dick measuring contest. We love putting our SOLID news up against their made up crap. We know we have the biggest the dick and the biggest balls too. We don’t sugar coat it, we thrive on delivering brutal honesty. If you don’t like it, go to a generic site