WWE undo mistake with Co-Champions concept

The Dirty Sheets were proven correct last Tuesday on SmackDown, when the WWE clarified how the WWE Championship Handicap Match would work, by indicating Owens and Zayn would be Co-Champions.

As we previously reported, Daniel Bryan made a genuine error when he instinctively repeated what AJ Styles said on SmackDown and booked a Handicap Match for the Royal Rumble. However, the WWE have now got around this, by stating that Owens and Zayn will be the Co-Champions if they beat AJ Styles, which we exclusively reported would be the case in the very same article, likening it to Jericho/Chyna situation.

You can read the previous article, below:

Daniel Bryan made MAJOR error on SmackDown

As the WWE have no plans to move forward by crowning Co-Champions, and for AJ Styles to go over at the Rumble, this is now simply a minor adjustment and the match will simply be laid out differently by the 3 competitors, but with the same outcome.

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  1. So if AJ Styles goes over in the match at the Rumble , them can I assume that Nakamura will be winning the Rumble and then Go on go challenge Styles? Cena winning the Rumble and going to challenge Styles will not make sense. Right Billi?

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