Paige’s in-ring career “temporarily” over

Paige has been told that she will not be a part of the Women’s Royal Rumble and that her in-ring career was on hold, and possibly over.

Contrary to a premature report that was put out by PW Insider, stating that Paige’s in-ring career is categorically over, Paige intends to explore every possible avenue, before fully closing the door on stepping back into the ring.

As things stand, the WWE will not allow Paige wrestle and you won’t be seeing her in the ring anytime soon. However, due to the fact that Paige is in the middle of mammoth 7 year contract, the WWE are unlikely to push her into officially retiring, like they did with Daniel Bryan, and are willing to re-access the situation in the distant future. So you shouldn’t expect to see Paige move into the porn industry just yet.

Earlier today, Paige posted this on her Instagram: