Goldberg to headline WWE Hall of Fame, as reported by The Dirty Sheets in September 

Earlier on today, the WWE confirmed what The Dirty Sheets have been reporting for several months, with it’s the news that Goldberg will headline the 2018 Hall of Fame. Whilst the likes on Dave Meltzer were littering the IWC with names like Batista, we were reporting Goldberg as early as July.

Furthermore, The Dirty Sheets openly squashed the Batista story on September 18th, with the story, below, reaffirming that it would be Goldberg. This article clearly further outlines our superiority over every other so-called source, attempting to cover wrestling news. It’s simply no longer a debate.

Sources Shoot Down Batista Hall of Fame Report

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  1. You guys do break news which is cool, but as soon as that well dries up I and anyone else using this site will leave you high and dry. You guys come off like some prick with an small dick trying to make himself feel better.