Monday Night Raw and Nitro Results, January 15th (with video)

Monday Night Raw and Nitro Results and notes, January 15th 1996

Here are our notes from our “Back to the Monday Night War” Podcast, available via The Dirty Sheets feed on iTunes and on our DirtySheets.Net website.

Monday Nitro Results and Podcast Notes:

• Show starts with Bishoff telling you what’s happening tonight. It sounds like a PPV line-up. It’s no surprise that Nitro destroyed Raw in the ratings this week.
• Luger vs Savage opens the show. As we suspected on the podcast, Hart managing Luger is no longer a thing. Unbelievably, Luger beats Savage CLEAN via submission with the “Torture Rack.” Luger has no beaten Savage FOUR times in a row, which the announcers are also alluding to.
• The Dungeon of Doom are scheduled to come out next, but the Horsemen are coming out with them, plus Mean Gene. Amusingly, the One Man Gang has the US Championship, which he never really won and none of the viewers know how or why he has it. Arn speaks first and tells Gene there will be no Horsemen-Dungeon of Doom feud. Pillman tries to interject himself when Sullivan is replying, and Arn Anderson slaps him across the face. He already previously addressed Pillman’s attire and said he told him to dress “appropriately.” Unlike other talking segments with Gene on Nitro, this segment is fantastic.

• Public Enemy beat American Males in their debut. This awful match is a big come down from the last segment.
• Flair vs Sting is next. Flair wins with a Figure of Four. Luger comes down to stop Jimmy Hart interfering, but ends up nailing Sting with a megaphone. Savage and Hogan run down to save Sting from nothing as Flair wasn’t attacking him and Luger was there to help Sting.
• Promo after the match is basically the same thing we’ve heard for months. Hogan and Savage trying to persuade Sting that Luger isn’t his friend. Sting is claiming he knows nothing and is dizzy from the megaphone. After Sting leaves, Hogan and Savage then argue among themselves about Savage receiving the next shot. The talk about Savage’s arm again. Savage and Hogan are set to meet Giant and Meng at the Clash.
• WCW Saturday Night advert is up next and they are promoting, Hogan, Jim Belushi and, Sting and Luger vs Harlem Heat. Big show for WCW Saturday Night.
• More Hogan next. Main Event is Hogan vs Meng. Hogan wins with Meng’s own spike, which he intercepts from Sullivan, with the help of Randy Savage.
• They then close out with the announcers for the usual clarifications of WCW storylines.

Monday Night Raw Results & Podcast Notes:

• Show starts with Owen Hart scoring a victory over Marty Jannetty.
• We then get the in-ring debut of Steve Austin, who faces a very young Matt Hardy. Austin wins with the Million Dollar Dream.
• Goldust is up next. Vince McMahon comes off as massively homophobic as he cringed at Goldust throughout. Goldust plays his character superbly.
• Razor Ramon enters the building and is looking for Goldust.
• The Undertaker defeats his future brother, Issac Yankem in the Main Event. There is an obvious botch here before the Tombstone that is edited out.
• Show closes with Razor Ramon finding Goldust and destroying him in a brutal backstage brawl.