Raw Results (with video), 15th January

WWE Raw Results:

• The show opened with Braun Strowman talking about pulling the stage down on Kane and Brock Lesnar last week. Kurt Angle came out, cancelled the Triple-Threat match and fired Braun Strowman. Security tried to escort Strowman out of the building, but Strowman refused to go and destroyed the security.

• Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews defeated The Bar. Crews rolled up Sheamus with a schoolboy pin after Jason Jordan came out and distracted The Bar.

• Cedric Alexander defeated Tony Nese, with the Lumbar Check.

•Braun Strowman continued his rampage and targeted the WWE production truck. Kurt Angle tried to stop him, but Strowman ended up flipping it over, as you can see in the video, below.

Strowman then hit the arena and began attacking Michael Cole, before Kurt Angle announced Stephanie McMahon had decided to re-hire Strowman. Despite being re-hired Strowman still decided to toss Michael Cole off the stage onto a pile of security guards. Cole was replaced on commentary by Tom Philips.

• Asuka defeated Nia Jax, via referee stoppage after Jax’s knee was too injured to continue, following a spot on the outside. This was a storyline injury.

• The Revival defeated two jobbers. After the match, The Revival spoke about Raw’s 25th anniversary show, claiming that show would be filled by sports entertainers who embarrass the industry, and the likes of Steve Austin and DX weren’t professional wrestlers, like the Revival are.

• Elias went through his usual routine before introducing The Miz and the Miztourage.

• Roman Reigns defeated Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in a handicap.

• Sonya Deville upset Sasha Banks, clean, with a roundhouse kick to the stomach as Banks was caught coming off the second rope.

• Matt Hardy beat Heath Slater, with the Twist of Fate.

• In the Main Event, Seth Rollins. defeated Finn Bálor. The Bar, Balor Club and Jason Jordan all got involved in the match. The finish came when Jordan tripped Bálor, and Rollins hit the returning curb stomp. We shall be posting a story about this later on today.