Why Seth Rollins is using the “Curb Stomp” again

Last night, we saw Seth Rollins defeat Finn Balor with the move formerly known as the “Curb Stomp,” which you can view in the video, below. We say formerly, because even though the move is back, the name definitely won’t be.

The “Curb Stomp” was formerly out-lawed due to the WWE not researching what it meant. As you can see from the photo, below, the act of curb stomping is to literally put someone’s teeth onto to a curb and then stomping on the back of their head, to cause serious injury or even death, usually carried out by racist groups.

The WWE decided to outlaw the move altogether to avoid the bad press, not because the move was dangerous in anyway. As we all know, Seth Rollins is notorious for injuring wrestlers and being a reckless performer, however, he never injured anyone with the “Curb Stomp.” The WWE now feel that a significant amount of time has passed by since they banned the move and that Seth Rollins hasn’t really had a credible finisher since. Most will recall that Seth Rollins was using Triple H’s “Pedigree” for a long period of time after the “Curb Stomp,” however, since turning babyface, it made sense for Rollins to abandon the move and find something new. Rollins has been using a knee strike for the last 6 months, named the “King’s landing,” but that particular move has failed get over with the fans as a finisher, with many criticising Rollins for stealing from Kenny Omega.

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