Monday Night Raw and Nitro Results and notes (with Videos), January 22nd 1996

Here are our notes from our “Back to the Monday Night War” Podcast, available via The Dirty Sheets feed on iTunes and on our DirtySheets.Net website.

Monday Nitro Results and Podcast Notes:

• Show starts with Bishoff telling you what’s happening tonight, but, he’s interrupted by Konnan, who says he’s defending the Mexican Heavyweight Title tomorrow.

• Randy Savage comes out for his match with Ric Flair with a bunch of Godfather hoes, including Woman and Linda Hogan. Flair also comes with a ho, that being Jimmy Hart, who’s been with more wrestlers than Sunny at a legends convention.

• Randy Savage wins the WCW Championship, when Arn Anderson accidentally nailed Flair. Savage then had another weird altercation with Hulk Hogan after the match.

• Pillman pinned Dean Malenko, whilst Malenko had his feet tied up in the ropes.

• Sting and Lex Luger captured the WCW Tag Team Titles from Harlem Heat, giving us our second title change of the night.

• Hogan pinned The One Man Gang in a non-title match, in the Main Event. After the match we inexplicably get more verbiage from Savage and Hogan to close out the show.

Monday Night Raw Results & Podcast Notes:

• Show starts with Vader defeating Savio Vega. We then get the memorable altercation between Vader and Gorilla, where Vader attacks Gorilla and gets suspended from the WWF.

• Razor Ramon gets counted out against Hunter Heart Helmsley the 123 Kid interferes and puts a baby bottle in Razor’s match to set up their diaper match at the next PPV.

• Shawn Michaels comes out to discuss his Royal Rumble win. Jim Cornette comes out and tells Michaels if he wants revenge against Owen Hart, he needs to risk his title shot-Michaels accepts.

• Bret Hart beats Goldust in a Champion vs Champion Main Event. Goldust gave up in the Sharpshooter, to suffer his first ever loss.