Raw 25th Anniversary Results (Hour 1)

• Show opens with Shane and Stephanie in the ring. They throw to a video package. Hopefully we don’t see either of them again tonight. They then drag out Vince from the Gorilla Position. They present Vince with a commemorative plaque. This isn’t a good start to a show where they are hoping to hold onto the casual audience, who are obviously watching the start. Vince randomly turns heel and begins attacking Brooklyn and the fans. At that point, we all know what’s coming…


Austin arrives to save the segment. Austin looks good. McMahon tries to explain he’s a senior citizen to avoid getting stunned. He then hilariously mentions that Shane is in his prime. Austin proceeds to stun Shane. Vince McMahon thinks he’s got away with and hugs Austin, however, he obviously gets a stunner. Shane rises and tries to drink a beer with Austin, but receives another stunner!

• Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James and Asuka defeat Jaxx, Fox, Mandy and Sonya in an 8 woman tag, when Banks wins with a “Banks statement.” After the match, Asuka throws out all her partners, to show that she can win the Royal Rumble. This match inexplicably got two segments.

• Silly segment next featuring Kurt Angle with several old faces, including The Coach, Bruce Prichard and The Boogeyman.

• The Undertaker comes out in the Manhattan Center, in what will be remembered as the most anti-climactic segment of the year. He says nothing and leaves. Awful.