Dirty Sheets: We stand with “innocent” Enzo 

Having been on TV for many years, including Big Brother, a show viewed by a massive 13% of the UK population, and having worked as a club promoter for over a decade, I have seen the situation a million times.

  • Girl wants celeb’s attention.
  • Celeb gives it to her.
  • Celeb isn’t interested in her anymore after that night.
  • Girl feels worthless and makes accusation.

A guy not wanting anything more to do with you, isn’t rape. Rape is the act of someone forcing someone into sexual intercourse.. That didn’t happen with Enzo. In fact, it probably doesn’t happen with any celebrity in the world.

During the height of my fame, I slept with 57 women in 60 days whilst engaged in a bet with a fellow Big Brother housemate to sleep with the most women in 60 days. Remarkably, I lost that bet 59-57, and subsequently lost £200. During that time, I can tell you, that I effortlessly went home with a girl every night and was often able to get them to come over to my flat, after simply exchanging a few social media messages. It was easier than ordering a pizza. Enzo Amore is a global superstar and far more relevant than I was or ever will be. He didn’t need to put himself in a situation to rape anyone, and I assure you, in a few weeks, we will find out that he never did.

On behalf of the Dirty Sheets, we stand with Enzo. He is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

3 thoughts on “Dirty Sheets: We stand with “innocent” Enzo 

  1. Thank you for posting this!!

    I completely agree that he is innocent. He may be an asshole, but he definitely didn’t need to rape anyone. I hope he sues her.

    1. Problem is, he’s career is over regardless. This has happened to too many guys I know. Something needs to be done to protect men from this- all anyone ever speaks about is protecting women from this and that

  2. I do agree that Enzo is innocent until proven guilty of the accusations against him. However, World Wrestling Entertainment probably took the action that they did not because of the accusation itself, but because they may have been blindsided by this in the news media (which caused a considerable amount of embarrassment for the company). Enzo supposedly knew of the investigation months ago and failed to tell WWE officials about it, causing them to find out from the news media when the allegations came to light.

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