Raw 25th Anniversary (Hour 3)

• Jericho is backstage and he puts Elias on the list. Complete waste of Jericho.

• Elias is out next. He’s interrupted by Cena. The two end up brawling, but Elias ends up low blowing Cena and breaking a guitar over his back.

• Footage emerges on Twitter of unhappy fans at the Manhattan Center on the verge of rioting.


• The Dudleys come out to cause a non-contest in a horrendous match between Titus Brand and Rhyno and Slater.

• DX come out at the Manhattan Center. The fans just don’t care anymore, as they know they’ve wasted their money. They are dead for this segment and heckle Michaels and Triple H throughout it. Michaels and Triple H are joined by X-Pac, Scott Hall and the New Age Outlaws. Scott Hall begins to cut and promo. He says “Raw is too sweet,” which results in The Balor Club coming out.

• Gallows and Anderson beat The Revival really quickly. The Revival then get buried even more, as they take finishers from the old boys and Finn Balor.

• Segment with the WWE Universal Title match combatants closes out the show. Braun dominates, and ends up putting Brock through the announce table. Very mediocre ending.