Let’s all laugh at Satin. Let’s all laugh at Satin. La-La-La. La-La-La

It was another embarrassing night for so-called wrestling journalist and full-time male feminist, Ryan Satin, after his ever declining name took another huge hit.

Whilst The Dirty Sheets successfully nailed EVERY single thing that happened at the Rumble, as outlined in the video, posted to the top of the page, our friend Ryan had a VERY different night.

Satin guaranteed people that Ronda Rousey would NEVER ever make it to the Royal Rumble PPV and even resorted to MOCKING people who attempted to question his so-called wisdom, as you can see from the screen-grabs, below. With no sources, no credibility and no relevant content, and after pissing off half of the WWE roster, The Dirty Sheets would like wish Ryan Satin the best of luck with his future endeavours. Game over buddy.

4 thoughts on “Let’s all laugh at Satin. Let’s all laugh at Satin. La-La-La. La-La-La

  1. You’re an absolute moron! Clearly you didn’t listen to podcast explaining why we posted that, cos you’re just an irrelevant troll.

  2. Whoever runs this site must have the worlds smallest dick or he’s got short man syndrome. Eventually your sources will dry up and the people, like me, will leave you high and fucking dry. Stop being a prick. Let your news and articles speak for themselves. Also I saw you deleted that article about EC3. At least own when your wrong you fuckin pussy.

    1. Sources will never ever run out fuckface. And the story CLEARLY stated it was pencilled in on Friday’s script, but clearly you fucking missed that, you dumb fuck. So let’s focus on that, and not the fact we gave the Rumble results out in December along with the WrestleMania card. So go fuck yourself, loser

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